As we draw even closer towards the end of a scrumptious month that has seen us gourmandising rather gluttonously, we take a step back to digest and have a quick chat with the team at sister restaurants, Aburiya and The Container. Find out what went into the inspired GastroMonth menus that they have created exclusively for this inaugural celebration of gustatory delights.

Why did they choose Robust and Mature for your GastroMonth themes?

Japan is a country that celebrates all seasons, and with each season, you can experience these characteristics. Aburiya and The Container are two Japanese-owned concepts whose menus have an emphasis on Japanese Wagyu beef. To ensure we get the best quality and prices, we import the Japanese Wagyu directly. Our beef specialist in Yokohama works with the farmers there and flies into Singapore to coach our team in the art of handling and preparing Japanese Wagyu.

We have chosen to showcase A4 grade Wagyu, which we believe is the best expression of this prized Japanese beef, at both restaurants.

What were your inspirations and thought process behind the creation of these menus?

For The Container, we wanted to show how quality Japanese Wagyu beef can be presented in a modern way. We decided to do so with our tapas creations and signatures in the GastroMonth menu, complementing it with our location as the perfect accompaniment. Its spectacular riverside scenery is the ideal backdrop for relaxing and whiling away the evening.

With Aburiya @ Boat Quay, our aim was simple – to offer traditional Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku of the highest quality.

What is your culinary philosophy?

To showcase real Japanese Wagyu in its most exquisite expression with both traditional (Yakiniku) and modern (tapas) approaches. And most importantly, to make sure it is affordable to as many people as possible without compromising on quality.

What are the restaurants’ food propositions?

At Aburiya @ Boat Quay, it’s about offering authentic Japanese Wagyu at affordable prices. We use bincho charcoal, which ensures that the room does not smoke up and the Japanese Wagyu is cooked at an optimal temperature.

The Container uses interesting cuts of Japanese Wagyu and presents them in fun ways, such as the Wagyu bun (slow-cooked Wagyu sandwiched in a Man Tou bun), and we also make our own Wagyu whisky. Of course, we only use Japanese whisky.

With this menu for GastroMonth, what would you like to share with diners?

We want our diners to know what the best of real Japanese Wagyu has to offer. We hope that they will walk away with a deeper appreciation of this beautiful meat, and of course, to come back again!



6th November 2017 to 12th November 2017 





Main Course








20th November 2017 to 26th November 2017


Cured Wagyu Tataki






*Please note that the images in this article may or may not be representative of the dishes in the GastroMonth menu, which is available exclusively during GastroMonth.


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